Larry Wayne Lindsey Delegate Vote Nullified Because He Voted For Trump!

Colorado delegate,  Larry Wayne Lindsey,  Douglas County GOP,  threatened and denied his right to vote for Trump.  This is what the GOP snakes have been doing any where they can.  This is a …

Source: Larry Wayne Lindsey Delegate Vote Nullified Because He Voted For Trump!

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Happy Hormones Hot Chocolate

This sounds both yummy and healthy. Enjoy.

Homespun Capers

Happy Hormones Hot Chocolate - Homespun Capers

This simple recipe is an easy way to get more maca into your diet, the Peruvian superfood that is great for equalising your hormones. I generally use the term “superfood” lightly, as it’s thrown around pretty liberally these days, but I have personally had success taking powdered maca root, and believe that it to be a beneficial addition to most diets. Maca is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body produce what it is lacking or help it curb anything it has an excess of. It doesn’t contain hormones in itself, it just helps you produce any that you’re deficient of. It’s maca’s hormone balancing properties that is the reason why I’ve given this recipe such a grand and promising name. Balanced hormones makes your mood more consistent and less extreme… And that’s pretty happy making!

I often add a teaspoon of maca powder to my morning smoothie, but…

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The World Is A Canvass

My art is my passion:

In trouble....from mankind.

In trouble….from mankind.

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